6 business types that reap the most reward from local SEO

Whether you are a local business with a physical location or provide a service to a specific area, local SEO is a must.  When people need a product or service they turn to the search engines to reveal the options near them.  Usually there is a large number of providers in the area so having a good local SEO plan will put you above the competition.  Below is a small sample of businesses that can greatly increase their reach with local SEO.

Essentially, every company with a local target market can gain from local SEO; however, there are some business types for which local search can truly work wonders. Let’s take a look at six of the big ones.

1. Medical services

Businesses that provide medical services, such as doctor’s offices, dental practices and urgent care clinics, are perfect for local SEO.

Other than building a phenomenal website, there are many things these specialists can do to boost their rankings. First, they can publish high-value, informative content on their platforms. Google loves fresh, relevant material. Due to the highly specialized nature of these trades, providing insight through things like blog posts or how-to manuals is a great way to add value to the customer’s life while improving search rankings.

In addition to providing top-notch content to the online community, professionals can also improve their SEO efforts by verifying and leveraging their name, address and contact information on local business directories, including general directories (like Yelp) and directories specific to the health vertical (like ZocDoc).

2. Law offices

Generally speaking, when people are in need of legal counsel, they are looking for an expert nearby. Therefore, appearing in the local searches is crucial for law firms.

There are a number of things a law practice can do to boost their local rankings. Creating a Google My Business page should be the first order of business. Next, their website needs to be properly constructed around relevant keywords. For instance, let’s say someone is looking for a divorce lawyer in the Los Angeles area.

Another key factor for in the local searches is online reviews. Due to the unfortunate stigma surrounding lawyers, third-party validation is very important for potential clients. Therefore, law firms need to make a serious effort to generate client reviews on popular platforms like Google and Yelp. This can be a difference-maker that boosts local search visibility while building brand reputation.

3. Bars and restaurants

This is a big one. The hospitality business sees the most turnover of any industry. For instance, over 1 million restaurant locations opened in the United States alone within the last year. The main goal for any restaurant is to become a staple in the community. In order to achieve this status, it needs lots of returning customers.

Enter local SEO. Bars and restaurants typically operate on a local level and serve a geographically targeted market. When you type in “restaurant” into your mobile search, it is almost always followed by a suggested “near me.”

Customer reviews play a vital role in a bar or restaurant’s local SEO. As you probably noticed in the screen shot, the reviews are displayed quite prominently in the listings. In a recent BrightLocal survey, 60 percent of respondents said they had read online reviews for restaurants, the highest of any business category.

While a good content strategy is a major fuel for effective SEO in other industries, reviews take center stage in this line of work. They can make or break the local search rankings for a bar or restaurant.

4. Plumbers

When a pipe in your home bursts and you need immediate help, where is the first place you look?


In these cases, it’s not so much who helps you, but when someone can get to you and resolve your issues. Therefore, local SEO is a prime resource for plumbers or anyone who helps customers with quick problem-solving.

Plumbers are in a great position to increase their visibility through local SEO. First of all, their businesses live and die by local markets. Second, there is basically an unlimited supply of educational content about solutions to everyday problems that can be published on their websites to boost rankings.

Reviews can also help with local rankings. As plumbing services are in high demand, customers are looking for a trusted skill set that will produce reliable results. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat of a challenge to get clientele to generate online reviews in this industry. Therefore, going the extra mile to encourage feedback can do a lot to put plumbers ahead of competitors in local rankings.

5. Pet services

Pet services are highly specialized and almost exclusively in demand at a local level. Typically sought-out keywords in this area are for things like grooming, pet sitting, walking, training, supplies and veterinarians.

In general, owners want the very best for their pets. Services must do everything they can to produce Grade A content while encouraging reviews in order to succeed in the local search rankings.

6. Real estate

Refreshing competitive search strategies in 2017Local SEO and real estate services go hand-in-hand. However, due to the emergence of platforms like Zillow and Trulia, the smaller local real estate agents need a hyper-local strategy to gain the proper search exposure.

The bigger platforms do broad keyword searches extremely well. For instance, if an agent tries to rank for terms like “homes for sale,” they are unfortunately going to be out of luck.

The key to success for real estate agents lies in creating pages targeting specific local markets, which can appear for long-tail keyword searches around home buying. In these pages, the goal is to get as granular as possible. This means doing things like breaking it down to the names of the smallest neighborhoods in the area.

The real value, of course, lies in the content. This is where skilled agents can really dive in and go above and beyond to provide value for the user.

Localized content like this is perfect for showcasing a level of expertise and defining a niche. This is simply an area where the bigger platforms cannot compete and the smaller agents can thrive.

Every local business can benefit from local SEO no matter what product or service they provide.  Every day people search for a local product or service provider and if your business is not listed on the first page of Google, you are loosing all that business to your competitors that are on the first page.

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