Marketing Posts You Missed in 2016

2016 has come to a close.  Did you miss some good marketing content that you should of read?  Below is a write up on the posts you may have missed in 2016.

In 2016, I consumed more marketing material than I ever have. While the internet is packed with some truly awful content, it’s home to some real beauties as well.

This post is intended to highlight some of the best things I read over the last year which, if you haven’t seen already, definitely need to be added to your reading list.

Starting with a recent post, this study from Matthew Barby is an incredibly useful insight into what’s required to rank well. It’s always nice to have some recent data that looks into ranking factors, and this post provides just that in incredible depth.

An extremely comprehensive guide to keyword research that breaks down the best tools and how to use them. With the recent changes in Keyword Planner, this is a really useful read.

A fantastic insight into dwell time, an often misunderstood phenomenon, and its impact on search results. If nothing else, the definitions for dwell time, time on site, and bounce rate are worth bookmarking this.

Cyrus Shepard’s post from early in the year is a beautifully simplified way to look at optimizing pages on your site, and people would do well to take a step back and reassess their sites with this in mind. The tip? “Optimize for how users are actually using the page — as opposed to how you optimized the page ahead of time.”

Quality vs. quantity has been a hot topic through 2016. This case study from SimilarWeb provided more proof of the importance of monitoring the pages you have indexed and only keeping those that offer a good user experience and provide real value.59 Marketing Posts You Probably Missed in 2016 (and Need to Read)

People often struggle at the first hurdle with content by not knowing what to target and how to structure the content they do create. This post shows you how to use Analytics to make that process easier – I’d recommend watching the webinar in it, too.

A lack of ideas is often the reason that people stop blogging (or don’t start in the first place). That’s no longer an excuse with Griffin’s help here – you’ll end up with more ideas for 2017 than you can shake a stick at.

You’ve got your topic ideas, time for the headline. Don’t worry, read this and you’re all set there, too.59 Marketing Posts You Probably Missed in 2016 (and Need to Read)

A nice summary of the year from Buzzsumo which should give you plenty of food for thought on the types of content you could create in 2017, with some nice examples to inspire you as well.

For those still unsure of whether content marketing is for them, this step-by-step breakdown on Problogger should make it an easy decision to give it a go. Tactics, tools, ideas — it’s all in here.

Those people who are unsure would do well to read this one, too. It discusses realistic expectation setting and important lessons on what’s required to be successful. But also proof that when done well it can bring a valuable return.

One of the biggest problems in most people’s content marketing strategy? They don’t spend enough time promoting the content they create. Here’s a raft of ways you can put that right.59 Marketing Posts You Probably Missed in 2016 (and Need to Read)

Glen never fails to disappoint, and many of his blog posts this year have gained a lot of attention (you may have seen his post about 16 companies dominating Google). But this is the one that stood out for me and went slightly more under-the-radar. If you’re in need of advanced link building inspiration, look no further.

Jon Cooper’s resource from 2012 has always been my go-to when I need new link building ideas, and this resource from Joshua Hardwick has taken that and gone a step further with great design, a handy filtering system, and bucketloads of actionable tips. Bookmark it.

There are a lot of posts about image link building out there, but I’ve never seen a better step-by-step guide than this. All the resources you need, all the actions, and great examples. If you haven’t tried image link building before, start here.59 Marketing Posts You Probably Missed in 2016 (and Need to Read)

If you’re a marketer and you’re not on Reddit, you need to drop everything and sign up now. But whatever you do, don’t go and be a marketer there. The insight you get into what works and what’s popular is amazing and you can learn a lot from that, which is benefit enough. But if you participate naturally and occasionally drop in some content you’ve created that’s exceptional, you might just hit a big win, too. Learn how with this breakdown from Eddy Azar.59 Marketing Posts You Probably Missed in 2016 (and Need to Read)

Test, test, test. You should always be playing with different types of content and measuring what works best, especially on social. These 10 ideas will get you started nicely.

A great post on the importance of being the first to comment on a post if you want to be seen and heard. The data is from Reddit, but the conclusion can be taken and applied to any popular forum or blog where there is a lot of community participation.


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